Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) is an important initiative of the department introduced to enhance the quality of teaching and promote cooperative learning among students. As an Academic Reform under RUSA, the effort is a step towards realising the Government’s vision to transform Andhra Pradesh into a knowledge hub and empower its students with knowledge and skills.

The initiative aims at introducing pedagogy practices that support meaningful education enabling students to think critically, logically and have command over core subjects.


  • To encourage self learning among students
  • To involve students in the ICT based Learning Process
  • To change the role of teachers and facilitate learning by innovations, mentoring and counseling
  • To help students become familiar with basics and master the subject.
  • To improve employment opportunities in core subjects

Through LMS, teachers utilize various pedagogical practices like video lessons, power point presentations, problem solving tasks, question banks, case studies, projects to promote active learning in students leading to effective transfer of knowledge and skills to students in and outside the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to explore few time-tested and practical pedagogical examples implemented across the world and design pedagogical methods that suit their students to ensure good learning outcomes

Process implemented by the department:

1. The pedagogy development committee for each subject prepared pedagogic strategies for all units in the curriculum

2. Suitable topics for strategies like case studies, assignments, models, project work, class seminar, videos and their open online sources and web links for online learning were listed

3. Student related material was also worked out to help students get a comprehensive view of the subject including the following components under pedagogy kit.

  • i. Handouts with web links for the students giving the overview of the video lesson
  • ii. Power Point Presentation
  • iii. Self Assessment Questions

Additional Pedagogical Benefits: 15 minute Video capsules:

The department has taken every care to help students understand the subject in depth by using video lessons as effective teaching and learning tools. Topics identified for video generation were recorded and hosted on the LMS portal to be accessible to all teachers and students.The video capsules along with the reading material will be accessible to students and teachers through the LMS portal throughout the academic year.

Expected Outcomes:

  • The initiative will positively impact the teaching learning process in colleges
  • Continuous and systematic evaluation of learning will be provided
  • Students will orient towards independent learning and creative ventures
  • Scope of employment and entrepreneurship in varied sectors is broadened